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Sorry for the long gap between posts, but the book is nearly ready. I am reviewing it once more and writing the final wrap up and plan on finishing it within the next week. Simultaneously, I am about to turn it over to the editors a few chapters at a time, as I finish reviewing and correcting them. Once they have finished the first few chapters, I am planning on posting them here as a preview to hopefully get some people interested in reading it. I expect that to happen very shortly, as within a week or two. We’ll just have to see.
Now that things are moving much faster, I plan on posting at least daily about something relating to this book or future books. Please stay tuned. I hope to make it worth your while.
I will say this for now, I have learned many lessons about writing while doing this, not the least of which is to not stop writing a book once you’ve started. I had a long gap in writing in between the first 50,000 words of this book and the rest of it. That increased the difficulty one thousand fold. Never again.
J. C.

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