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As I inch closer to finishing my first mystery novel, I am beginning to think of which book I want to do next. I have just about settled on writing the next book in my mystery series versus working on one of my science fiction books or short stories. I outlined nine books in total for this series already, though I haven’t completely settled on the order of them. One thing I am leaning towards though is setting the next story in Hawaii. I had planned for the one set in Hawaii to be the third or fourth book, but now I am pretty sure it will be next because ideas for it are popping up in my head with increasing frequency.

I’ll decide by the time I finish my proof-reading and I will let everyone know here on the blog.

Castle Spoiler Alert: Read no further if you haven’t seen the season debut!!!!!!

On another note, one of my favorite TV shows, Castle, had its season debut this week and I watched it last night. It was great to get back in touch with this familiar friend, but I must admit to being a little disappointed. Not because it wasn’t entertaining, but because part of the plot was making Castle look like a bad guy to a certain extent and we will have to wait until later in the season to know if there is any truth to it because he lost his memory. Those are two plot points that I do not care for in one episode. Makes me sad. Why and what are they you ask? Thanks for asking. I will enumerate them:
1. We know that it will turn out that whatever he did was either for a good reason or that he didn’t actually do it. I hate it when main characters are put into this fake jeopardy. Castle is the main character, the show bears his name. He can’t die or really be bad unless the producers and writers want an angry mob of fans. This is a comedy/drama not Game of Thrones after all.
2. Amnesia? Really? Hasn’t that been done? At least hang a Lantern on that cliché. I’m okay with this as a plot point, if you really need it, but maybe once and not on a season debut please.
With all that said, however, I still love the show and I look forward to them proving me wrong as they carry this subplot through at least part of the season. Maybe it will be great. I’ve been wrong before. All I ask is, settle it by mid-season, please.


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