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My final edits are done on the first book in the “Jack and Elle Mysteries” series! Well, final until I hear back from the editors. 😉 I had been trying to wrap this up for over a week and kept adding to the ending and changing it around some, but I am finally happy with it.
Until I hear back from the editors, I have nothing to do on the book except to continue to tweak the back cover/dust jacket description, so I plan on starting book two from the series tomorrow. This one takes place in Hawaii as you will see is foreshadowed at the end of book one.
I finally watched this week’s Castle and they completely redeemed themselves by hanging a lantern on the whole amnesia plot line and for the most part easing up on the strain in the Beckett/Castle relationship, but I will say no more about this in case it could be a spoiler.
I am very excited about next Tuesday. A successful writer who is an acquaintance of mine has agreed to go to lunch with me and provide me some sage advice on the whole writing thing. He helped me get my first story published a long, long time ago and I still owe him for that. So, I am grateful he is still willing to help me out.
That isn’t the only thing happening on Tuesday. My wife and I are attending the Best of Augusta Bash at Sacred Heart Cultural Center Tuesday night and I hope to make some connections there to help promote the book. I just bought the tickets online and you can do that as well by following this link: It looks like it will be a lot if fun.  I hope to see you there.
JB Collum

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