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No, this isn’t a reference to Les Miserables. It refers to my book having one day left in its Kindle Scout campaign, but then you knew that. To be more accurate, it has about 40 hours left as I write this.

We achieved our goal of getting it in the Hot & Trending before 10 pm last night and it stayed there every hour except for the 4:15 update and it fell off again at 9:15. So far, it isn’t back, but I have hopes that you will get it back in there before Saturday at midnight.

Of course, being in the top 20 doesn’t assure a book deal and not being in it isn’t the kiss of death either, so I am not going to sweat it… too much.

I know this is getting old, but we are in the home stretch. You know the drill, but here is the link once again.

To read or nominate the book:

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