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My friends, this is a long post, but please bear with me.
It was a valiant effort and you certainly did your part, but I was informed that my book, “Terminal Tendencies” has not been chosen for a publishing contract. All of you should receive an email from Amazon informing you of that if you haven’t already, but don’t lose heart, as I haven’t.
This just means that we are taking a different fork in the road.
I essentially have two choices now, I can submit the book to other publishers in an effort to get a contract and wait and wait or I can self-publish.
Since self-publishing is faster and doesn’t preclude using a traditional publisher in the future, I plan on taking that path.
One of my favorite authors, the late Vince Flynn was rejected more than 60 times, but went on to publish multiple New York Times best sellers, and he started out using self-publishing. He is just one example of many that have had great success using that method and I hope to join that list one day. In fact, you may find this article interesting:

It lists many well known authors who suffered numerous rejections for books that went on to great acclaim. Many of them will likely shock you as they did me.

I don’t regret making the attempt as it has served to introduce me to a lot of new people who are interested in the book and it has energized some old friendships because of the way people pitched in so readily to help me get the nominations I needed to get Amazon’s attention.
I will attempt to wrap up my final edit of the book this week and then start the self-publishing process. My goal now is to have the book available for purchase as close to January 1st as possible.
I’m getting a little long here, so let me close by making one more request. Please continue to help me get the word out about the book as you have already been doing so well, and keep in touch via Facebook and the website for future news.
Thanks again, my friends!

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