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Lots of news today.  The print version of the book is now available and for a limited time, you can save 20%.  Just use the discount code:JSJ74HES

I am extremely pleased with how the cover turned out.  Much credit goes to my illustrator,  John Games and my photographer, Kate Christian. I was also delighted with the interior design. Thanks for that go to John Games. 

Click here to buy the print version of the book. Don’t forget the discount code!

Also, I can’t give you any details yet,  because they aren’t final, but a book signing is in the works in Augusta,  Georgia,  so please stay tuned. I hope to have details by May 15th. With a signing scheduled before the end of June. Your attendance at that will not only help me get the word out,  it should also be fun. 

One last thing. Starting today,  I will be posting at least once daily and plan on providing a sneak peek at book two in the Jack & Elle mysteries in a blog post in the very near future. 

Thanks so much for your kind words of encouragement and your support. Check back in tomorrow for more news and thoughts. 

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