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I need your help. Several of you have told me that you have left a review on Amazon for the book and at least one of you told me you already heard back from Amazon that your review had “gone live”. However, when this person followed the link provided by Amazon,  the review wasn’t found and,  so far,  there are no reviews showing.
When I contacted Amazon about this,  they said they couldn’t talk to me about reviews. They could only discuss it with the person who left the review.
So,  here is what I am asking.
1. If you haven’t left a review,  please, please do. It is one of the main things that can help a book be discovered.
2. If you have already left a review and it still isn’t there, Click here to contact Amazon about it.
3. If you still don’t see the review post in a day or so, try reviewing it again, and then go back to step 2. So,  basically, rinse & repeat.
Thanks in advance for your help. It is very frustrating to know something is wrong, but not even be allowed to communicate with them about it, but that is what I am facing and that is why I need your help.
Here is a link to the book both in electronic form and paperback. Perhaps you can try to leave a review for both and see if at least one of them works.
Kindle Electronic Edition:

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