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Terminal Tendencies Front Cover

Book Summary:

Near Charleston, SC, Daniel is aiming a rifle at his best friend and slowly squeezing the trigger. Meanwhile, FBI Agent, Elle Smith, is on her way to Charleston, looking for a break. She is about to meet Jack Chalker, an affable and quick-witted detective with SLED, and they will need all of their skills and some help from their friends in order to solve, or even survive, a case that includes multiple murders, air-tight alibis, kidnapping, dark family secrets, and mind-bending twists.


The Kindle edition of the book has been published and is available here: or here

Heads up! There will be a book signing at The Book Tavern on Saturday, June 6th from 1-3 pm. FOr more about where this is, keep reading below.

The print edition is currently available at The Book Tavern on Broad Street in Augusta, Georgia and these two online retailers: And here is a 20% discount code for my loyal readers: JSJ74HES

Other book stores will follow as well as libraries.

I want to send out a special thanks to all of my proof readers and editors. You know who you are, but I will mention your first names only since I didn’t get permission to share more. They are: Mom, Lorie, Katie, John, Vicki, Teresa, Jeremy, James, Sonja, Amy, Barbara, Leah, Dan, Bradley, Marc, Gerald, and Rodney.

Most of all, thanks go to my wife who inspired not one, but two of the characters. Love you, babe.

Thanks for your help on this everyone.

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You may want to bookmark this page as it will continue to be the place for people to learn about the book, share thoughts through comments, see any specific news about milestones, etc.

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