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I had a pretty decent day. I now only have five chapters left to proof read. I would have done better, but now that I am up to the chapters that I wrote after the long break, I have a lot more corrections to make.  Remind me never to do that again.
Another thing that slowed me down was college football. So many upsets today! Four of the top six have lost this week! Big changes coming in the AP top 25. I’m hoping my Dawgs (Georgia) get a good bump up in the rankings. Congratulations are in order for the entire state of Mississippi after Ole Miss beat number 3, Alabama and Mississippi State embarrassed number 6,Texas A&M.
I also talked to one of my editors about finishing up the first four or five chapters soon so I can post them as samples here. She promised to work on it soon.
I forgot to mention earlier that I had a photo session this week too for the author’s photo for the dust jacket. She’s not done with it yet though. Once she is, I will add it to the website and the Facebook page too. We still have to schedule the photo shoots for the front and back covers and I hope that will happen late this month or early November at the latest and that would be pushing things.
Back to college football for now. Have a great weekend.
JB Collum

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