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I finished the first draft of the summary for the back cover/dust jacket. I’m not happy with it yet though, of course. I think it needs some humor so people will know that the book is more of a mystery/comedy or that it at least has a lot of humor in it. That way, if they like that(and I think most people do) then it will be more encouragement for them to buy it, and if they don’t, they won’t buy it only to promptly return it.
After a few more passes on it, I’ll post it here to get your input.
I haven’t watched last night’s Castle yet, but I plan on it this evening and will share my thoughts after that.
I am down to the last chapter corrections on the book now and that is the hardest part because I had to fix so much based on refreshing my memory from the recent proof-reading I just completed. Along the way I decided to change an aspect of the ending, so that is making things take a little longer, but it is worth it.
I haven’t heard back from the editor at all yet, but I know she is busy and I’ve made zero progress in finding additional editors.
I also haven’t gotten my authors photo back from the photographer so I will call them sometime today to find out.
Thanks for reading and keeping up.
JB Collum

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